Pepes Ikan Mas Duri Lunak, Makanan Khas Sunda

Pepes ikan mas, or other fish dipepes decent, in my opinion is one of the typical menu of Sunda land. Sundanese cuisine typical of relatively practical in my opinion, without a lot of sweat in the grinding spices and grated coconut for coconut milk, although of course these efforts remain there for a certain dish. Pepes Ikan mas, although the seasonings simple, old cook …!!

Pepes Ikan Mas Duri Lunak – Materials:

2 Tailed Goldfish that have been cleaned and large
Banana Leaf 1 sheet enough to wrap, baked briefly in the fire to relax, or dried


Subtle Seasonings :
5 cloves Garlic
Red Onion 10 cloves
2 pcs kuyit medium (5cm)
5 lemongrass take part therein, finely chopped

all these materials can be ground or shredded

Spices Iris:
Leaves 1 bunch Onion (sliced lengthwise)
1 bunch basil leaves (cleaned, remove the tough stems)
2 medium tomatoes (cut into pieces)
4 bay leaves
2 medium-size piece ginger (sliced lengthwise)
2 medium-size piece galangal (sliced lengthwise)

Add the chilli whole or chopped red peppers optional.

Marinate fish with salt, leave to infuse. If you want to reduce the rank add lime juice.
Garlic and basil leaves, given cooking oil, add salt and spices (eg Maggi Royco or block) knead until limp. Other seasonings to the fish dilumurkan input also some subtle spice into the body of the fish, add seasonings and onion slices and basil are already weak.

Goldfish Wrap with banana leaves, can be boiled with water or steamed. Keep in mind to get a goldfish Pepes this lunak long bones cook approximately 8 hours. When done, drain. To be sweet and fragrant banana leaf into a unique, Pepes Ikan Bake until the banana leaves faintly charred and fragrant. Good try ….

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