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Life takes struggle

If you’re impressed and liked this story please share d / d rate thx enjoy” The story of a young 14 next year with their own live his life My name is David, my 14-year age I was the only child of a family man wrote on easy street But our family is not harmonious My dad is someone who likes to gamble and drunk My mother has a high ego and emotions while I was the victim of impingement But I hope to God to forgive all the faults May 15, 2006 Houses like hell …… Not a day without a fight Daddy liked to gamble and the mother has a very high emotion Not a day without a swear word, I’m afraid to melerainya … and what I can do just reading and studying in my room The sound of footsteps approaching my room … The door opened, and the mother was coming toward me He pulled my hair and slapped me, I do not know what my mistake But Mom always vent his frustration to my father to me And with pain I had received blows and insults from the mother I can not do apa2 and only pain, and I can only pray God please forgive my parents fault, Lead him to the right path If you want to be mad at me mad is karna my parents are only human knows your name Blu reply And it is one of my karna I can not guide them into your Way If God loves kluargaku …. Show your truth is the way And I fell asleep …. June 18, 2006 I was sad to see my mother’s father who is not never had a fight Every day suarapiring and home furnishings are falling .. And d wound around my body due to impingement of the Mother I cried ….. “Maybe I’m just an unwanted child from this kluarga” I’m not useless ….. Maybe if I go from this kluarga mother’s father can return to the road, right If it is God that you want it then I am willing to do it I know if I was the child who is not useful and can only bothersome father and mother May you forgive all my mistakes Women who mengandungku for 9 Months to make my life and provide for my dad until I was growing up healthy and get to know you Would you forgive me Karna I chose this path After I am gone, Take care of my parents were, and he brought him to the right path Amen …. And the next day My mother opened the bedroom and if I do not Mengetaui there He was looking for me to all corners of the house and did not find me He panicked and crying Dad woke up and they will vote karna shout Mom was giving know if I go from home Dad then said “he was let go at least he plays with teman2nya” And began my story is June 19, 2006 With only carry 1 bag containing some clothes and a little cake I was walking without a destination direction …. Not a place to stay, No money And Terlintaslah in my mind to work and feed my own I know my age is only 14 years old but my teacher said if I was a smart and skilled Then I saw an Office … LOWONGAN – D NEED EMPLOYEES BE LIABLE FOR HONEST MS OFFICE ETC PHOTOSHOP Then I went into the office and asked employees there 1 Mas Is this office are in need of employees?? Then the nod mas I asked Would I be working here? The whole office was laughing at me They thought I was always a spoiled child … And I was D forcibly expelled from there I cried and begged me to get it working .. karna I do not know what to anywhere else 5 hours went by The moon appears d tgh dark night sky All the employees had gone home I just keep silent hunger and thirst my front door they will be d Be open door and then they will be and is an employee comes The employee’s name was Gandhi, and then he asked me “what are you doing brother here?? Day’s night if you are not home?? Your parents would find you ” I just stopped and fell silent. Ask any past Gandi back “You look pale brother …. Have you eaten??” … Then I Respond “I have not eaten for 2 days” Gandi was surprised with took me straight to a shop and took me to eat I also gobble …. Gandi smiled at me … and he asked “why do not you go home?? Your parents would find you ” I replied “I do not have a house …..” Gandi tediam and saw my body …. and he mused “neat clothes .. sure he has a family and home” “and then he asked” if you do not have a home you can stay my home d .. ” I agreed …. And we rushed her to the house I came home .. d small simple house and I was on the invite in gandi gave me a towel and a glass of warm milk and told me to wash up After cleaning up I was told to hurry Sleeping … and I was surprised there was only one mattress if I slept there how gandi sleep?? then I was asked this And Gandhi was smile and told me to sleep while he just sat d computer while typing job …… I had to sleep with warm blankets and sleeping June 20, 2006 Left shows at 5 am Then I was awake and I headed into the living room Gandi seen asleep d couch and he looked tired karna job lot Then I approached the computer they will be and I also see the work piling up Then I think to repay his kindness karna tsb I do smua work .. [Although I’m only 14 years tp I’m an expert in operating a computer] ……. The work was finished and I was rushed into the kitchen to prepare breakfast Hour show at 7 am … Gandi woke up and he saw his computer desk and he was shocked karna he fell asleep last night and had not completed the job ….. then he sat down and saw the computer …. he was surprised and shocked smua work has been completed and was very good hasilny … he was confused and asked myself Who do? Even I approached him and serve breakfast Indomie and glass of hot tea was served …. Then he asked me “David, do you know who’s doing this smua??” I also answer “to repay you the very best of his I did this morning karna you are looking tired and a lot of jobs masi masi you mess” Kagetlah Gandi … and he was asked again “Are you doing this smua??” I had just nodded and confused … Then Gandi said “you’re a smart kid … your age just 14 years old but you do not finish my job as you grow” I smiled karna he is satisfied with the results of my work He asked “you’re a clever girl … you should come to my office to introduce me to my superiors that he gave you a job” I was very pleased ATS tsb bid Daytime We were off to the office and brought me Gandi … Then another employee saw me and said “why did you come here again? Want to get out again??” And then Gandi snapped and told employees they will be gone I was just smiling … Arrive at the director .. Gandhi went to meet his boss “Then he explained about me and my talent” …….. 15 min later I was on call to enter the … I go in and say hello to atsan tsb ….. Director tsb named Yoko …. Mr. Yoko then told me to finish a few designs and I finished it When finished Pak Yoko saw and was surprised with my results that he said more than perfect and I was given a job at the company they will be … Any day I work as a designer at the company they will be 30 November 2006 Fulfilled the 6 months I worked as a designer company d tsb Mr. yoko was happy to work and he offered me my Being promoted to manager of the company they will be …. I was shocked … I’m confused karna I was a child who does not deserve to receive the position they will be … I also recommend it to Mr. Gandi daripd Yoko Promoting myself Karna without Gandi I’m not siapa2 Pak Yoko He also agreed to promote Gandhi became manager and I became assistantnya As a manager we were in gave some office facilities such as cars, houses, and a comfortable working space. And Gandi I was happy and cooperate with each other and we spent day2 beautifully like a brother and sister. Basic salary which gave us a big enough, given Gandi Salary Up to reach 15 J / months while I was given a 13 J / month Until the time my 20 years of age I have a small business bberapa I developed form of: – 5 hp shop mall d – 2 Restaurants – 3rd printing And I worked hard information to get better than that Note: Life is a struggle worthy of its water that flows from the upstream end yanng narrow and wide sea … Blessed are you if you got a father who loved your mother and gives you a better future education of parents you want you success …. God loves his people are patient to live a life

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