spesifikasi satria FU 150

FU SC 150 will be a market yearning motorcycle sport at the 4 steps of extremes. Suzuki of environmental concern also reflected in the technology Suzuki Pair (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection) to reduce HC and Nox emissions.


1. 4 steps DOHC engine, air berpendingin with SACS
2. Oil Cooler
3. Dual Vertical headlights
4. Donut-Shaped Brake Lamp
5. 10 spoke Cast Wheel Alumunium
6. Sharp, Sporty Bodywork
7. Sporty, Compact Instruments
8. Canister-Type Silencer


1. With the largest engine in its class
2. Air conditioning design with SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System)
3. DOHC 4 valve engine
4. SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)
5. 6-speed transmission
6. Automatic Decompression
7. Pair (Pulsed-Secondary Air Injection)
8. Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster
9. Counter Balancer
10. Channel pelumasan FU 150 SC
11. Construction carburetter

Newest Design Step 4

Machine FU 150 SC focuses on comfort in the drive to optimize the benefits of 4-step engines than 2 steps, especially on fuel efficiency, sound pollution to the lower motor sport, driving comfort and waste gas emissions that would lower the eco-friendly.

Machine FU SC 150

FU 150 SC engines have advantages in technology that are applied to the 150 CC engine with 4 steps, air conditioning / SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System), DOHC, SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) entry in the category underbone sport and is the latest sport-style vehicles.

Engine capacity of 150 CC

Engine 150 cc class is superior to a perfect performance. FU 150 SC engine plant that offers a standard 150 cc on the new performance sport underbone. 150 cc engine producing power, acceleration, and the highest speed.

Designed with the air conditioning SACS

Design SACS used on sport performance motorcycles, the Suzuki is a system with a compact high efficiency. This system provides oil to cool down engine cylinder head (the component of a heat engine) and the channel has a piston oil to cool down. This channel will reduce the heat at the bottom of the piston. SACS improve combustion efficiency and improve fuel consumption. This DOHC engine that makes 150 SC FU rotate and generate higher energy and better endurance. Needs in the amount of oil that many, especially the need for refrigeration and cooling capacity pelumasan then oil becomes greater.

DOHC 4 Valve and

Double Over Head Camshafts (DOHC) and 4 valves persilinder is one type of valve mechanism (valve train) that are visible on almost every engine motorcycle sport that has high performance. System DOHC valve mechanism with the Direct Acting Valve Drive Mechanism, which allows the valve operating fine on the extra high rpm. This can make a rotary engine that provides high-performance sporty sensation and high efficiency.

TSCC (Twin Swirl combustion Chamber)

FU 150 Model SC TSCC engine design uses a unique property of Suzuki. Basic space fuel TSCC is recognized internationally as the resilience of heart machine, the ability TSCC series engine better than conventional engines both 2 and 4 valve valve.

Top Position Compression

top position on the motorcycle compression is needed, especially if the adjustment will be doing or want to take a machine. FU on the 150 SC Compression Top position obtained as follows: Remove the cap />

Remove spark plugs, cap hole inspector and closing valve timing inspection hole.
Remove cylinder head cover Remove the cap
cpver Magneto and Magneto rotor putarlah to set the piston in order to be in a position tma (Off the Top Spot) in the compression step. (Putarlah rotornya to the à ¢ â, ¬ Å “he ¢ â, ¬  is in the center hole cover crankcase).

Number camshaft gear teeth = 34 (in & ex)
CrankShaft number of gear teeth = 17

Tapped Clearance
Specifications slit / kerenggangan allowed (when the engine cold)

Intake: 0.10 à ¢ â, ¬ â € Œ 0.20
Exhaust : 0.26 à ¢ â, ¬ â € Œ 0.30

SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)

Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) is a technology that Suzuki has. Compared to conventional methods that use cast iron liner to protect from friction and heat, the aluminum cylinder FU 150 SC SCEM using technology which is a plate with a few micron thickness. Reduced-iron liner to create a better engine and lightweight aluminum and have a brief summer konduktivitas high compared with the iron. SCEM making machine to remove the heat efficiently to help maintain optimum working temperature.

Transmission Speed 6

150 cc engines have power and a large torsi. To a large energy mengefektifkan, FU SC 150 is equipped with 6 speed transmission with gear ratio of a fully elected to a vehicle dynamic sport and have a smooth movement on the various road and track.

Automatic Decompression

Mechanism FU kick starter on the SC 150 is equipped Automatic Decompression technology is there in the one of the camshaft to keep one of the two exhaust valves remain in the position . The goal served to reduce the pressure of compressed air caused by the moving piston increases. Based on the above principles of the energy spent to make a smaller kick.

Suzuki Pair (Pulsed Secondary-Air-Injection)

Machine FU 150 SC version Thailand Suzuki Pair display system which has the mission to the friendly environment. This system to transfer fresh air from the air hole to the discharge of burning gas for disposal that does not burn fuel in the room. Thus, toxic gas emissions such as Nitrogen oxide (Nox) Carbon and hydrogen (HC) can be reduced. The flow of air that flows in the system is governed by the Pair Reed Valve Vacuum, located in the top of the cylinder head.

Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster

Cam chain tensioner adjuster is a screw that can adjust the cam chain tension and automatically reduce the sound chain.

How Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster
A spring connected to the fast reactions as the cylinder will rotate on the serrated stem penegang (tensioner rod). A referrer to keep the stem does not rotate during penegang move forward so that the cylinder rod penegang pushed to the outside. When the driving cam chain slack, penegang will stem the tensioner automatically by spring line. Thus, maintaining the chain tensioner is not released from the sproket and the noise sound of chattering teeth in the chain. Trunk penegang be back in a way to remove the rubber cover (cap) and the play ends with the screwdriver clockwise.

Counter Balancer

To refine lap on a motorcycle engine with a motorcycle with a large cylinder and installed a single counter balancer.

Job Piston and diaphragm carburettor

Venturi on the cross on the BS carburettor type and draw off automatically because the valve piston movement. Valve piston to move the negative pressure under the flow venturi. Negative pressure occurs in the diaphragm space through a small hole (orifice) which is in the valve piston. Pressure greater than the negative elasticity of the valve piston diaphragm up to the room and maintain the flow of air in the venturi. Thus the flow of air in the venturi channel can be fixed to improve the constant pengabutan fuel. Comparison of fuel and air in accordance with fixed lap machine.

Chassis series chassis design components that are considered of a quality that does not recognize komporomi consecutive support. Order to more robust and lightweight compared with the FU 125 S without reducing kekakuannya. Chassis FU SC 150 is designed to meet the characters that FU 150 SC engine with a large display.

Also, a strong frame Lightweight
format on the backbone FU 150 SC order is also a strong light. Compared to the framework used in the S FU 125, FU 150 SC order requiring the perfect design, using fewer components for mengefisienkan add weight and strength.

Weight Reduction Machine
To keep the overall weight remains low liner between the weight of iron in the cylinder is replaced with a composite material elektrokimia (SCEM).

Instrument Panel Light And The slim instrument panel
FU 150 SC show a slim and lightweight to use and apply electric speedometer LCD and LED display for the data.

Cakram Rem Depan Yang Width However Lightweight
size diameter front brake is 290 mm and is a measure for energy efficient braking. Cakram remain mild, with a diameter in width. Front disc brakes also contribute to the appearance FU 150 SC a more sporty.

Wheel With 10 Jari-finger Alumunium The Sporty
Rim rear and front wheels made of aluminum to give a different look with 10 fingers and a sporty special created for FU 150 SC. This makes FU 150 SC visually interesting and provide good control performance and comfort of a perfect drive.

Passenger Foot Pegs Alumunium Cor
Satisfaction FU has 150 SC include passenger foot pegs made from aluminum tuang that is not only lightweight but with the installation dibaut (not in the weld-on frame) in the foot pegs require a careful design.

fork Home The Very solid
To increase the buffer kekokohan Clamp bracket on the bottom front of the fork is made double, compared with FU 125 S with only one buffer Clamp bracket. Also be a high strength by using the wheel axis berdiameter 12 mm (compared to 125 S FU using 10 mm diameter).

Guardian fork Home
Each foot outer fork tube protected by a protective fork made of plastic. To help protect the bottom of the inner tube on the front forks from scratches caused by dust originating from the road.

Gasoline Tank capacity is 5 Liter
Power generated by FU 150 SC with a 150 cc capacity is adjusted by the gas tank so that the larger the driver can drive long FU 150 SC.

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