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PT. Djarum is a major Indonesian tobacco company with headquarters in Kudus, Central Java. Djarum is one of the three largest tobacco companies in Indonesia (the other two are Gudang Garam and HM Sampoerna). PT Djarum is one of the tobacco companies in Indonesia. The company is to process and produce kinds of clove cigarettes and cigars.
There are three types of cigarettes that we know so far. Cigarettes Cigars (Made from the leaves of tobacco and wrapped in tobacco leaf as well), white cigarettes (made from tobacco leaves and wrapped with cigarette paper), and clove cigarettes (Made from clove and tobacco plus leaf wrapped with cigarette paper).
Clove cigarettes are a product invented by H. racikannya Djamhari (Indonesian Nationality) in 1880 in the town of Ghost (Ghost town bridge). At that H. Djamhari is a smoker and she often felt short of breath. When he suffered from shortness, he used clove oil to treat the disease. Until one day he tried to mix the leaves of tobacco and clove flowers for his cigarette. Consequently these experiments bear fruit, and clove cigarettes are called because of eruptions of fire that burns cloves produce sounds tek-tek-tek. (Track History and Role Development for the Nation, by Ong Hok Ham & Amen Budiman).
In 1905, clove cigarettes are produced to be marketed. M. Nitisemito are the people who built the company and named Bal Three. Proven market for these products very rapidly. This is evidenced by intention M. Nitisemito who want to make the floor of his room with golden money. This makes the government (At that time the Dutch colony) offense, but with government diplomatically said that he can continue the original intention golden cash position is in a standing position. Here are two opinions can not be sure. The first opinion that the plan be continued and a second opinion M. Nitisemito know that it’s only a subtle rejection of the government.
The first company from abroad that manufacture cigarettes is Nederland Indie Trade Bureau in 1908.


History Djarum Oei Wie Gwan started when buying a small business in the field named Djarum clove Gramophon in 1951 and changed its name to Djarum. Oei start marketing cigarettes under the brand “Djarum” which turned out successful in the market. After a fire nearly destroyed the company in 1963 (Oei died shortly afterwards), Djarum back up and modernize the equipment in his factory. In 1972 Djarum began to export products to overseas cigarette. Three years later the market Djarum Djarum Filter, the brand first produced using the machine, followed by brand Djarum Super, introduced in 1981. Currently Djarum led Budi Hartono and Bambang Hartono, who is both son Oei.
In addition to the world of cigarettes, Djarum also known to be actively involved in world badminton. Club bulutangkisnya, PB Djarum, has produced world class players like Liem Swie King and Alan Budikusuma. In addition, since 1998 Djarum company also has controlled most of the shares of Bank Central Asia.

Djarum is a company that stands alone at the time Indonesia had declared their independence in 1951 (exactly 21 April 1951). Founder Djarum is Oei Wie Gwan. Coat needles used by these companies is needle grama phone. In 1983 became perseroaan limited Djarum, PT Djarum.
PT. Djarum has five core values, namely:
1. Focus on customers
2. Professionalism
3. Learning organization
4. One family
5. Social Responsibility

The company which has 76 work sites (70 in Holy, 3 in Pati, 1 and 2 in Jepara Apex) is quite recognized the problem of health and safety of their employees. This is evidenced from the acquisition of Zero Accident Acknowledgement in 2002. In 2004 on External Audit of Occupational Safety and Health with the results of 85%. Because the audited results are satisfactory, in 2005 obtained a Gold Flag. In 2007, audited results increased to 93% and in 2008 obtained a Gold Flag waited again. Because that’s the problem of safety and health is no longer a problem for this company.
Selaian safety and health problems, the company is also active in the field of cooperatives. In 1976, cooperative employee opened. Cooperative members who have 51 thousand people have cash to 75 thousand billions through January 2008. Because ketekunannyalah, the cooperative also received an award as an Example of Cooperative from 1993 until 1996.

“Why do not we get a Cooperative Model year 1997? Because it would provide an opportunity for other cooperatives. “Clear Handojo Setyo in seminars at the event Facktory Visit.
In addition, the company also has performance in accordance with ISO standards (ISO year 9001-1994). In 2001 and awarded the ISO corrected to ISO 9001-2000.

The company also has a reforestation programs. The program which started since 1977 this has much effect to the surrounding community. Ghost Town which was barren, with this program ultimately the Holy city to green again. Not only that in the year 1980-1985, PT Djarum mango seedlings distributed to 59 villages in the Holy. In 1995 according to data from the Provincial Government noted that income residents of the mango sales reached 2.5 billions. Until now it was greening program continues to run.
Companies that have export value of nearly 16 million U.S. dollars (year 2007) has also been able to process waste with a very good plant. According Sucofindo in August 2007, the data mentioned waste water, and also test odorant emissions test that successfully processed well below the specified quality standard. So this company has been able to treat waste properly.

1. Djarum Badminton Association (abbreviated PB Djarum)
PB. Djarum established in 1974. Initially this association was established only as a hobby distribution activities for the employees at the cigarette factory Djarum Kudus. However, in 1970, eventually practicing not only employees, but also players from outside. This is the beginning of the coaching Djarum in contributing to national player starts.
Encouraged love Robert Budi Hartono (CEO of PT Djarum) in badminton and the high predilection for PT Djarum playing and practicing in the same sport. Then in 1969 Brak (where employees hand-rolling cigarettes) on the road Bitingan Lama (now road Lukmonohadi) No. 35 – Ghost in the afternoon is used as a place to practice badminton under the name of the Holy Community.
Starting from there, born a talented young athlete, Liem Swie King who won a brilliant achievement after achievement, foster a desire Budi Hartono to seriously develop the organization’s community activities Ghost PB Djarum.
PB Djarum ever glorious when Indonesia won the Thomas Cup in 1984 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At that time, from eight players, seven of which came from PB Djarum namely Liem Swie King, Hastomo Arbi, Hadiyanto, Kartono, Heryanto, Christian Hadinata, and Hadibowo. One other player is Icuk Sugiarto.
Liga Super Indonesia (LSI) or Indonesia Super League (ISL) is a football competition between the highest level of professional clubs in Liga Indonesia. LSI held by PT Liga Indonesia (BLI formerly) owned by the PSSI. LSI quoted the best 18 teams will each play a full round of competition 34 matches, home and away. The operating system for each club participants with promotion and relegation to Division President. Erratic season and adjusted to the conditions or atmosphere that occurred in Indonesia. LSI is the main sponsor of the Djarum tobacco company, LSI therefore officially known as the Djarum Indonesia Super League.
Since the inaugural competition in 2008, Indonesia Super League has been sponsored by Djarum. Djarum itself already 3 years in a row to sponsor the Main Division from 2005 to current Indonesian Super League.
It was ascertained as a form of appreciation PT. Djarum for the advancement of Indonesian football.
PB Djarum has instilled a vision early on to all atlitnya, so they did not score any success in the arena game, but also scored success in school.
Divide the activities between the school badminton practice, is not an easy task for the athletes PB Djarum, especially those that are still sitting on the bench most of the school such as elementary, junior and senior high school. However, to align the two activities, the PB Djarum take steps in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC). Thus, activities such as badminton practice with schools that undergone by the athletes can work well, and does not interfere with each other.
Cooperation between PB Djarum with the Department of Education is to the granting of dispensation of time in school for the athletes. Athletes are given permission to start the time to study in school is not like other students in general. They were also given the ease of obtaining permission to leave school when they have to follow the championship.
So far, schools that have been invited to cooperate by PB Djarum to support the academic ability of atlitnya coming from all levels of education is elementary Barongan II, Junior Garden of the Gods, and SMA Kramat.
Some tobacco product of PT. Djarum which still exists among them:
Djarum Brown
Djarum Special
Djarum 76
Djarum Super
L.A Lights
L.A Menthol Lights
Djarum Black
Djarum Black Slimz
Djarum Black Cappuccino
Djarum Black Tea
Djarum Vanilla

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