The Beautiful Imposter, Selly Yustiawati

Although ever escape from punishment, now Selly caught again by the police. And the victims hope, Selly get heavy punishment.

After more than 1 year targeted police operation, which became suspect fraud Selly finnaly caught in Bali.

Either because of regret or not, Selly the beautiful imposter in tears. Fraud action woman from Jakarta has been happened since 2006, either by telephone, direct physical contact, or through social networking. In action, she using three names that is Selly Wati alias Selly Yustiawati alias Frasellia Rahma Nur Cahya. Suspected victims numbering in the hundreds of people, the victims are spread across four cities that is Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, and Jogjakarta. This woman modus are various, to begin from pretending illness claimed her parents, left by her husband, or to offer cheap credit business with profit double.

The history of the case started when in 2006, She reported to the Polda Metro Jaya have commited fraud amounting six million rupiahs against a number of students at a university in Jakarta. She was offered the a job SPG provided that each student has to pay two hundreds thousand rupiahs. And in 2008, She allegedly to have deceived a number of hotel employees in South Jakarta with offers cheap pulse modus business. While in 2009, Selly allegedly cheating a number of Harian Nasional employees with the same modus. Average Selly victims are male. Most importantly, the aparatus is not exposed to the imposter persuasions, which can be freed her like ever happened before.

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