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Laila & Majnun

Layla Majnun : (Endless Story Love  The God and The Lover.)


COVER ARTIST AND DESIGN     : (Is done  genuiness of original wrapper    : Majnun.)

LANGUAGE                    : INDONESIAN

ORIENTATION BY                          : WAHYU A. PRATAMA

TRANSLATOR BY                               : DEDE ADITYA KASWAR

EDITOR BY                         : NAZLA LUTFIAH


PUBLISHER BY                                : OASE  Mata Air Makna

PLACE OF PUBLISHED                        : BANDUNG

Translation novel of Layla Majnun.


This story came from Persian country about one hundreds years ago, where in Persian and like Arab country else there still hold strong tradition culture of Persian and Arab country there and Islam. By then, empires of Persian still glorious, that empire is conceived of frequent by tribes. Among one tribe with other tribe of them live in peacefulness there’s no war except there is opposition which must be finished with bloodbath.

One day in a tribe in that country, there are a king or the same name with SAYID, owning many estaes, owning big power, noted for his philanthropy, was respected and a king which always entertain good all voyagers which was halting-place, at the time his heart feel do not feel euphoria, although every thing able to trigger the coming of that bliss and easiness have been owned by him. One matter which do not make the Sayid is happy because by one matter. One matter very expected by every husband commonly, although this Sayid is a very heroic king in battlefield but just remain to the Sayid is a Husband. Desire of the Sayid is able to make happy and equip the life of remaining one, that is a child.

The Sayid do all kinds of ritual to ask The God of a child. Start from praying, pray, fasting and  have alms. Come up with a his prayer dot, the Sayid finally get a son. After his son has been five years old, The Sayid gave his son by name Qais. Moment of Qais step on ten years, the Sayid send him to

a nicest school in all Arab areas in place country of the Sayid stay. Qais grow excellently, do not from appearance facet. Behavior and elegance of even also very good extraordinary, but he even also grow glorious in Iesson problem at his school. One day at school where Qais studying, his school arrival by a new pupil, a woman who the beauty of really fascinating, there’s no woman capable to contest her beauty. Swiftly all men children in the school infatuate to the girl, including Qais. Directly Qais infatuate to the girl, so called by Laila. Qais immerse on the his love to Laila, before himself know what meaning love itself.

By degrees, in one’s teens, both each other showing love among both, but news concerning Laila and of Qais which each other falling in love spread over quickly from mouth to mouth to all tribes of both. As according to Persian and Arab tradition and also Islam, ‘ making special relationship’ will only generate libel. For that tribes of family of Laila set mind on to prohibit Laila meet Qais. The Decision make Qais very suffer so also with Laila. They finally live in endless love which do not earn they pour one another. Qais become madness, about his love to Laila, and Laila every day always weep because cannot meet with the lover, Qais. Qais progressively do not got better, and become madness, he stay outs to pour the love to Laila with own way, stood apart in the middle of ferocious sand desert. People who see craziness of Qais about his great love to the lover, people nicknaming him as ‘Majnun’ as the madness.

Knowing her lover becoming madness, Laila growing sorrowfully, she cannot do many besides praying for her lover that. Qais progressively growing mad when hearing news, Laila married with a prince from a very famous tribe. Laila marrying by the father with the very famous prince, who name is Ibnu Salam. But Laila do not little love him, to be obedient to his father, Laila even also want to marry with Ibnu Salam. Laila remain to take care of the faithfulness of love just for Majnun, although he have been married. Laila do not little touch by his own husband because the faithfulness of love only to Majnun.

Situation of this real love couple progressively deteriorate, they remain to be dissociated, cannot be associated. Till at one day finally they earn also associated, but it is not in nuptials but in death. Lalia die by effect of sorrowful, and Majnun die departure of Laila. Majnun die above mausoleum of Laila. So like that, finally they earn to be firmed up with his love.

So that describing  which in fact regarding real love like real love among God with the lover. Got Iesson of this story really excrutiatingly to the number of. But which very send out for in this stories is, a real love is love able to make night become noon and got better to become madness. Very endless love is God love to the lover. This is endless love among couple of Laila and Majnun, which the was eternity of defeating all temptations (arreya).



The plot used by writer in this story of Laila Majnun is path go forward (progress). Why writer use path go forward in the story. Because the writer wish gave how a story concerning love among a men and a  woman which endless ( Laila and of Majnun) in walking endless love until mortally dissociating , which is the same as like love among The God and The Lover. Here writer narrate considerably amaze, with possible Ianguage of 11th century from Persian country, but the meaning of this story can penetrate room constrain and time.


There are so many backgrounds showing on this story. As for some backgrounds which of vital importance happened which in it happened many conflicts for example as following :

1.       In the Sayid’s tribe ( In  Bani Amir ). Tribe of Qais ‘Majnun’

2.       At Laila and Majnun School.

3.       In the garden of Tribe of Laila.

4.       In the whole of markets in among of both tribe.

5.       In a desert of unknown or strange areas where Majnun spend his time to pour his love to Laila on a large scale.

6.       On the Caves where Majnun visiting for pouring his love to the lover.

7.       In The Band of Ibnu Salam’s Tribe inside tent where Laila have come to be Ibnu Salam wife.

8.       In mausoleum of Laila.

9.       In grief of their love ( Laila and of Majnun), which dissociated by cruel destiny ( extrinsic background ).

10.   When love appear among of them ( Laila and Majnun ) ( extrinsic background ).

11.   When their love is obliged to apart ( extrinsic background ).

12.   In Shirvanshah ( Place where Bani Amir or Qais Tribe was lived ).


Many figure or characters which on the story in this novel. But the analyst only taking some figures, specially figure which is the analyst assume very give contribution in the way story, for example are :

1. Main Character

1.1.  Qais  ‘Majnun’, Son of The Sayid of Shirvanshah.

1.2.  Laila, Daughter of Her Father, tribe of Laila ( In this story, the Father of Laila, didn’t mention )

2. Subordinate Character

2.1.                 The Sayid, Qais’s Father. Who is the leader of Bani Amir Tribe, place of Qais lived.

2.2.                  Qais’s Mother. Sayid’s wife. A mother who love his son very much, Qais.

2.3.                 Ibnu Salam. Husband of Laila. But until now, Laila never love him. Her love only for Majnun.

2.4.                 Amir, The uncle of Majnun. A brother’s Sayid, who ever asks Majnun to go home from the insane dessert, where Majnun spend out his love mostly.

2.5.                 Naufal, war lord and a leader a very famous tribe, very strong and heroic, and heroic and also have many armies. A friend of Majnun which will assist Majnun to get the lover, Laila.

2.6.                 The Father of Laila. A Father who very coherent to his daughter, laila. A Leader of his Tribe, Laila’s Tribe.

2.7.                  The Mother of Laila. A Mother who very love her child very much and full of affection.

2.8.                  A Man 1, a man who want accompanying Majnun, where Majnun was in crazy dessert.

2.9.                  A Man 2, a man who visiting Majnun, give the message when Laila have been married with Ibnu Salam.

2.10.               An old Man, who take a part in Laila and Majnun love as message deliverer. From Laila to Majnun and Majnun to Laila.


1. Main Character

1.1.  Qais  ‘Majnun’, The a love man, crazy man,  which is very love his lover. Dare to sacrifice any which in the world of to the only one lover which he loves. The expert write poetry, clever and bright of speaking. Perfect man who ever created.

1.2. Laila, The lover of Majnun, very persistent woman maintain the love for the only    one who she love, Majnun. very strong woman in face of temptation which knock over herself in the middle of problems which is facing by herself and her lover, Majnun.

2. Subordinate Character

2.1.        The Sayid, Qais’s Father. A wise father and  very authoritative . A father which also love his son very much, Majnun. Strong character.

2.2.        Qais’s Mother. Sayid’s wife. Strong character. A mother who love her son very much, Majnun.

2.3.        Ibnu Salam. A leader a tribe, authoritativeness and very patient.

2.4.        Amir, The uncle of Majnun. Strong Character. A coherent gentle but, coherent  and wise. An uncle which is love his nephew very much, Majnun.

2.5.        Naufal, war lord and a leader a very famous tribe. a very coherent leader and man of one’s word. Strong character, powerful and gentlemen.

2.6.        The Father of Laila. Strong character. A man who which do not want to hurried in taking decision. Wise and hold firmly to founding of him.

2.7.        The Mother of Laila. Strong character. A mother who very humane, especially to love his daughter, Laila. And full of affection.

2.8.        A Man 1, a man who want accompanying Majnun. A man of forcing, and hurried in taking decision and also do not think length.

2.9.        A Man 2, a man who visiting Majnun. Man who has the character very harsh. Hurried. And play judge alone. In other side, this man is good.

2.10.     An old Man, who take a part in Laila and Majnun love as message deliverer. Hyper sensitive man and attention to condition which is being experience of by someone or more. Especially in love among Laila and Majnun.


From story in novel of Laila and Majnun this, writer very submit what is such with meaning love that in fact. This story concerning love relation among a woman and a men which each other falling in love. Then what meaning of meaning of their love ? ad for meant by writer regarding what the meaning of in fact love that. Laila and  Majnun is one real picture concerning meaning love in fact. Love meaning which in fact is like love among God and the lover. That love which in fact. Where love each other devoted by each other, not lying and obliged to high, and also hold responsible. Majnun Success get out of the nature of transient mundane to love Laila, detached himself to a foreign place just for loving is which loved very much by him.

Marginally, this story send to every the reader of that love have the power of to change situation and someone. From getting better become madness, and from night become noon.


This story, writer use the image of fact which in fact regarding experience each human being specially in loving the lover. In existing reality, either from epoch of Nizami at that time until now there’s no different, but the meaning of love which is era now very differ. Love in era in this time, according to analyst very differ from what which is on story of Laila and Majnun. In this time love only made as requirement, and when it doesn’t need again someone can throw away it off ahead ( arreya). But far very differ in story of Laila Majnun masterpiece of Nizami, if that love supposing as our love to the infinite, the creator. God. It is not for just requirement. But seriousness and commitment for love.

Language style used by Nizami was very touch and ‘ horrifying’. Nizami using many Persian Ianguage styles of  years 1100s . But with language style now Nizami use all existing Ianguage styles like Ianguage style of metonymy, personification, metaphor and others. Very perfect language style of Nizami.

Ade Arya Dwiguna

2SA 01

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