BackTrack 5 Release now !



BackTrack merupakan sebuah distro linux yang bermula dari Slackware, namun pada release ke 4 (BT4) BackTrack migrasi ke ubuntu sehingga beberapa tampilan termasuk proses installasinya seperti ubuntu.

Pada 10 Mei (hari ini) BackTrack telah merelease versi terbarunya yaitu BT5,  untuk BT5 developer mengambil dari basis ubuntu tepatnya lucid (10.04), dan mensupport untuk arsitektur 32 dan 64 bit. Serta untuk environmentnya jug support pada KDE 4, GNOME dan FluxBox. berikut pernyataan dari developer distro ini yang diambil sumber nya dari situsnya :

* Our release will start on May 10th (don’t bug us about the timezone), and will primarily be available for download via torrents. This is to reduce the massive load on our mirrors for the first few hours.
* As time progresses into  the release , we will then allow direct downloads from our mirrors.
* We will have KDE (4.6) and Gnome (2.6) Desktop environment flavours
* 32 and 64 bit support
* A basic ARM BackTrack image which can be chrooted into from android enabled devices. (hopefully released May 10th)
* The 32 and 64 bit images support “Forensics Mode”, which boots a forensically sound instance of BackTrack and “Stealth mode”, which boots without generating network traffic.
* All support for Backtrack 4 will end on May 10th, 2011 and BackTrack 4 will not be available for download from our official mirrors from that date onwards. And yes, Metasploit 3.7.0 *was* packaged into BT5.

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