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English is a language which originated in England, is the main language in the United Kingdom (including England), United States, as well as many other countries, and including the West Germanic language family. This language originated from a combination of several local languages ​​are used by people of Norway, Denmark, and the Anglo-Saxons from the 6th century to 10. Then in in 1066 with the conquest of England by William the Conqueror, the conqueror of Normandy, Northern France, the English began to be influenced by very intensive Latin and French. Of all the vocabulary of modern English language, estimated to ± 50% came from French and Latin.

Ordinary English language development is divided into three periods:

– Old English or Anglo-Saxon language, 700 – 1066
– Middle English, between 1066 – 1500
– New English, ranging from 16th century

After seeing the sense of the English language and my journey from my childhood till now English is the international language that must be owned by everyone. The requirement is seen from the use of the English language that is used in every place. environment of schools, colleges, organizations, jobs and others. English is the main foreign language that I often encounter in life so I think everyone should have the ability to speak English.

I think the most difficult for English language I mastered and maybe for some people in Indonesia have the same opinion with me, because English is not language that is often used in everyday life. But because of the times and the era of globalization that requires me to learn english I tried to develop my skills in english language little by little. Sometimes I have the phrase “why my Indonesian people have to learn English?”. But the question is can I conclude because English is the language used by developed countries like the U.S. Then the language will serve as an international language for everyone.

Among my opinion about the English language. I hope my opinion can be accepted by the public. If there is a mistake in my opinion, i’m sorry. THANK YOU

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