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Okonomiyaki is a popular pan fried food that consists of batter and cabbage. Selected toppings and ingredients are added which can vary greatly (anything from meat and seafood to wasabi and cheese). This variability is reflected in the dish’s name; “okonomi” literally means “to one’s liking”. The dish is available all over Japan, but is most popular in the west, particularly the cities of Hiroshima and Osaka.

Okonomiyaki is sometimes translated into English as “As-you-like-it Pancake”. However, this may be misleading. Though it does consist of batter cooked on a griddle, okonomiyaki has nothing of the sweetness or fluffiness of pancakes, not to mention that it is usually filled with octopus, shrimp, pork, yam or kimchi. A more accurate comparison, which is also made, is between okonomiyaki and pizza.
In Japan, people usually eat okonomiyaki at restaurants that specialize in the dish. At some of these restaurants the dining tables are each equipped with an iron griddle (“teppan”), and customers are given the ingredients to cook the meal themselves. As this can be rather daunting, the stages of cooking are enumerated below. Information about regional variations can be found thereafter.

Main Variations
There are two significantly different types of Okonomiyaki.  First, the Kansai or Osaka style, in which the ingredients are all mixed into a batter and then grilled.  Second, the Hiroshima style, in which a small crepe-like pancake is grilled and then other ingredients are layered on top.  The Hioshima style uses much more cabbage than the Osaka style.

Kansei / Osaka Style

This is the type of Okonomiyaki that our “Best Okonomiyaki Recipe” is focused on.  All the ingredients are mixed into a batter which is grilled on both sides

and then has various topping added.  At some restaurants this is just served up, with a couple variations to choose from, sometimes grilled in a huge sheet and an individual portion cut out, and you add your own condiments.  At other restaurants you  choose exactly the in

gredients you want and the Okonomiyaki is cooked right in front of you, either by the chef or by yourself.

Hiroshima Style
In the Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki, a small thin pancake is grilled and then other ingredients are layered on top, starting with a large amount of shredded cabbage.  Other ingredients are added in layers, and then the pancake is flipped onto fried eggs on one or both sides before serving.  Hiroshima style also often include fried noodles.

Okonomiyaki Nikudama or N

ikutama includes noodles and pork.
(Nikutama-soba with thin yakitori noodles or Nikutama-udon with thicker udon noodles).

Tokyo Style – Monjayaki Monjayaki or Monja-Yaki is a variation of Okonomiyaki that is also called Tokyo-style.   The main ingredients are grilled first, moved into a ring, and the batter is added to the middle.  It ends up being much runnier than the other styles and is eaten directly off the grill using the Okonomiyaki spatula.

Takoyaki is not really an Okonomiyaki, but is similar and often served at the same restaurants.  It is a batter with Tako (Octopus) that is cooked into a ball and served in a similar way, with the same condiments (sweet sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, seeweed flakes).

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