40 contoh kalimat dasar tenses present,past,continuous,future

10 Contoh Kalimat Simple Present Tense

–          Pa Tarno learns English

–          Poltak Drinks Tuak

–          Animals don’t Speak English

–          C.Ronaldo often ask me to Play Football Every Sunday

–          Luna Maya always eats a ketoprak for Lunch

–          All dogs have one mouth

–          The pig can’t look up

–          A Lazy Man ususlly gets up at Nine in the morning

–          Ricardo Kaka goes to Church on Sunday

–          John Key and Shania twain always go fishing every week

10 Contoh  Kalimat Present Continuous Tense

–          She is reading now but she will write soon

–          They are studying English now

–          We are writing again in a few weeks

–          We are going camping tomorrow

–          I am starting piano lessons soon

–          We are having a barbeque this evening

–          Marcus is making a puppet

–          We are singing too loudly

–          They are fishing in the stream

–          We are working hard these days

10 Contoh Kalimat Past Tense

–          I saw a good film

–          He went to suka miskin last week

–          She came here yesterday

–          I lived in that house when I was young

–          Mary did not go to work yesterday

- She finished her work at seven o’clock

- He sent me a letter six months ago

–          We crossed the Channel yesterday

–          He went to a club last night

–          They didn’t give John their new address

10 Contoh Kalimat Future Tense

–          He will Post the letter

–          I shall go to Mojosari Tomorrow

–          He will meet you by ten

–          She will help you with yoir home work tomorrow

–          He will give you a good dictionary if you go with hom

–          Will you please help me to get the book

–          They didn’t give John their new address

–          Tom will visit his parents next week

–          He will finish his homework in twenty minutes

–          They will paint the fence blue

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