Biodata Michael Jordan

Who does not know Michael Jordan? He is an American basketball player who was listed as one of the most successful in the history of basketball. Michael Jordan poor across the NBA basketball competition in the United States with a myriad of achievements. In addition, Jordan also shone with the United States national team.
Michael Jordan Childhood
Michael Jordan actually has the full name of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He is the fourth of five children born to James and Deloris Jordan family. Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. When the family moved from Brooklyn to Wilmington, North Carolina, Jordan started to like basketball small. As a teenager, a natural talent in playing basketball Jordan began to appear, so that Jordan became famous in the Carolinas. Moreover, after his defense team that won the basketball league in the city.
However, with these achievements did not make Michael Jordan can easily get into a basketball team in Wilmington’s Laney High School. He was refused entry the senior team. However, the basketball coach Clifton Herring named Laney who give credence to Jordan to train the junior team.
When he was in his second year with the team Laney, Jordan who has a high average of 185 cm can make 25 points for every game that he lakoni. Over time, Jordan has grown very rapidly, so that the height reached 191 cm. In addition, the ability to play basketball also growing and this thanks to the guidance of one of his brothers named Larry. The rapid development of the ability to finally deliver a key player in Jordan’s basketball team Laney. Throughout the defending team Laney, Jordan managed to dedicate 19 victories.
Early Career Michael Jordan
The news about Michael Jordan playing basketball ability is somewhat remarkable finally heard by the basketball coach of the University of North Carolina, UNC (University of North Carolina), Dean Smith. Jordan Smith was recruited to join the basketball team he coached in 1981. From this initial Jordan star begins to shine. In the basketball team at UNC, Jordan became an outstanding player.
Therefore, although not yet incorporated in the professional basketball team, Jordan was asked to defend the United States national team in the Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. In the competition, Jordan can make a 17.1 points per game and have won the gold medal.

Gold TIMES Michael Jordan
In 1984, Michael Jordan started his professional career after being elected as a member of the NBA basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. With its exceptional ability in playing basketball, Jordan led the Bulls managed to win the NBA basketball competition as much as six times, the competition, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996.1997, and 1998. Michael Jordan also managed to become the most valuable player for the NBA team in 1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, and 1998.
In addition to shining in the team, Jordan and several other NBA players such as Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and the NBA’s top players who are members of other national basketball team the United States also won a gold medal in world basketball championships in 1992 in Barcelona , Spain.
During the defense of the Chicago Bulls, Jordan never stopped playing basketball in 1993 and tried to become a professional baseball player. However, not long before Jordan re-joined the Chicago Bulls in 1995 and came back with the Bulls won three consecutive years (1996-1998).
However, in 1999 Jordan returned to leave the world of professional basketball. In the 1999-2000 season, Jordan again plunge into the world of basketball, but not as a player. He became owner and president of the Washington Wizards basketball team. Because the Wizards slumped, in 2001 Jordan returned to the player. He was hired by the Wizards for two years of competition. Upon his return as a player, Jordan continued to show its quality as a great player, but he was unable to lift the achievement of Wizards that ultimately this team does not qualify for play-off. Therefore, for the third time in 2003, Jordan retired again from the world of basketball.

I always admire people who are willing to do more than ordinary people do Michael Jordan. I wonder how they do it? Look at Jordan. He and his team the Chicago Bulls NBA basketball championship six times. He has collected a number of individual awards such as the NBA Most Valuable Player award five (Most Valuable Player). NBA website even mentioned that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. Jordan is someone who is very successful. So, how did he achieve such success?

Here are some things we can learn from it.

Failure Is A Fair and Keep It
“I can accept failure, everyone fails at doing something. But I try to do it. ”

“I passed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have suffered defeat in almost 300 games. 26 times, I was trusted to do a shot that could determine the winning team and I failed. I have repeatedly failed in my life, and that is why I succeed. ”

Failure is a definition you need to re-formulate in your mind. Failure is not something you should be seriously mistaken. But most people are too mean to be too serious failure. They think that the failure looks like the end of everything, that the sky will fall upon them if they fail. But incidents like this never happened.


If you look at successful people, then you see that they have a different mental mental average person. They know that there will be opportunities and new opportunities if they fail, and you can get a lot of learning from failure. Such failures may be required to achieve success. Without failure you do not get feedback and policies necessary for success in your future. By making mistakes, you can gain valuable experience. Reading experience or mistakes made ​​by others of the book is not the same with their own experience and gain experience.

-> Failure is an experience to gain valuable experience. This experience can help you. But you have to do it first. Without it a try you will not be achieved nothing. You can read more about the power failure in Why You Do not Need to Worry With Failure.


Believe In Your Expectations

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially their negative expectations, then you can never change the results that you want to accomplish.”

“It is an arduous task to try to do everything and please everyone .. My job is to go to the field and playing basketball as best I could do, .. people may not agree with this opinion .. I can not live with the impression of every person to what I should or should not do. ”

“You have to have expectations of yourself before you can do something.”

You can not live through the views of others, or through what others expect of you. How to live like that will only make you miserable or change yourself depending on the mood of others. In the end, it will be very difficult to change the outcome.

-> Instead of doing that, do the validation and set expectations for yourself. Look at yourself you’re doing something, visualize. If you can not visualize yourself then you will find it hard to achieve it

Know What You Want and Where You End

“I was not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out how it feels when I sweat.”

-> Know your reasons for doing something. Define a clear direction. And remind yourself every time to stay focused on what you want to go.

When you are out there, Do not Burdened By The End

“I never pay attention to the consequences when I failed to fire .. when you think about the consequences you tend to think of negative outcomes. ”

-> When it’s time to play, when you are in the field, do not think the end result. If you think too much about the end result you would get nervous and make mistakes. These tips may help you if you are out there, competing. In such circumstances, one thing you can think of is your goal and the end result that you may achieve.

But when you play or work or whatever you do, keep disconnect yourself from your thoughts of the end result that you may achieve. Focus on things that are before you. And everything will become easier. This will reduce anxiety and stress for yourself. And you will perform better because you focus on things that are before you and do not overload yourself with negative things.

There Will Always hurdles. Do Until Things That Reduce Your Spirit

“If you try to achieve something, you will face obstacles. I also experienced it, every person must also experience it. But obstacles do not have to stop you. If you hit a dead end, do not turn around and give up. Find a way to climb or pass it. ”

Do you really want to achieve your goal? Then you will find a way. But you have to stay focused on what you want. Not on things that do not want. If you focus on what you want, the solution will start popping up around you.

-> I think you can see the barrier as a way for the world to test you, a way to test if someone really wants something. The people who really know what they want going through these obstacles and continue his journey while others try to find something else that is easier and more suitable for them. Or even cease to do so.

Something negative from a micheal jordan

Something amazing happened some time ago. Michael Jordan was awarded the Hall of Fame as a legendary basketball player. In his speech, he cried. Only, it raises cries of anger for many people.
The greatness of Michael Jordan as a basketball player who no doubt. Therefore his name will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame, forever.
People expect him to talk something inspiring. Apparently not. He used the stage to vent all the disappointment of his career. And do not fool around. He wept when expressing all bitterness. Do not forget he’s to blame so many people.
To confuse people how to behave. On the one hand, all surprised that so many feelings that must bear the burden of Michael Jordan. Behind all his brilliance, he was suffering from disappointment. But on the other hand, all disappointed how Michael Jordan is the avenger. Can not forget the failure of others to himself.
I am also puzzled to understand this phenomenon. I understand this. Michael Jordan had a personal opinion, how should the team berstrategi. How should decisions be taken. And so on. But his opinions are always heard. So he gets angry, and he used that anger as the impetus to work hard, compete. All prowess apparently burned by rage, the desire to prove himself right. Such a great feeling, until he can perform great.
But unfortunately it’s a great achievement and not her happy. At the end of his career, when the person providing the highest honors, he took out all his heart. And it was full of bitterness, resentment, and anger over the events.
We value honesty and tears of Michael Jordan. But we are struck by the irony of it all. That all the results are spectacular it was driven by anger. In the end, the results were not her happy.
My conclusion, anger and hatred is a big negative emotion. Could be channeled into the struggle so that we become very accomplished, powerful, and extraordinary. But the success achieved in this way, this negative impulse, not happy. Only bear fruit intensity that caused bitterness.
Many people make Michael Jordan as an idol, pride, and excellence. Children want to be Michael Jordan. But after the expression of the heart that night, many people think again. Many people do not want to imitate him again.
Therefore, we should always push ourselves, our accomplishments, with a positive emotional thrust. At the end is not what our accomplishments, not what our results, but what we are meaning to many people. And people want to know what their meaning for us.

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