‘Hacktivists’ steal more than 100M online records in 2011

IDG News Service - More than half of data stolen from companies in 2011 was a result of hacktivist actions, even though the majority of data breaches were still caused by financially motivated cybercriminals, Verizon said in its 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report released on Thursday.

The report spans 855 data breach incidents investigated by the company and several law enforcement agencies — the U.S. Secret Service, the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, the Australian Federal Police, the Irish Reporting & Information Security Service and the Police Central e-Crime Unit of the London Metropolitan Police. These incidents resulted in a total of 174 million compromised records, the second-highest volume of compromised records since Verizon began compiling data breach statistics in 2004.

Up to 98 percent of data breach incidents covered by the new report were caused by external agents and the vast majority of them, 83 percent, were organized criminal groups.

Hacktivists were responsible for only 3 percent of data breaches. However, they had the biggest impact in terms of compromised records, over 100 million of the total of 174 million. selengkapnya

Sumber : http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9225425/_Hacktivists_steal_more_than_100M_online_records_in_2011_says_Verizon?taxonomyId=82


Hacktivist dapat diartikan sebagai orang yang merubah informasi diinternet untuk menyampaikan pesan politik.

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