THE DEBATE:we do not have to win every battle to win a war



HARTONO 10208573 4EA14 First task

  1. 1. My first experience dealing with English

THE DEBATE :we do not have to win every battle to win a war.

It is hard for me to remember when was exactly my really first dealing with English, maybe just like everybody else, it was in elementary school, but I am not really sure what grade it was? Moreover, there was nothing special at that time. So, I prefer to share my unforgettable experience dealing with English when I was in High School. The story begins when My English Mentor, Mr. Ilham, ask me and my classmate, Diki, to participated as a team in a English debate contest that organized by our school, then both of us agreed to join the Debate Team. Our team performance was good enough during the contest, but in semifinal round we were defeated by an unpredictable team, that later known they were trained by the same coach who coach our team, Mr. Ilham. The man who took us into the semi-final round is the same man who made us failed to be the champion. Therefore we should fight for the third place that we finally achieved, and above all, we save the reputation and prestige of our school as a host.

  1. 2. Major obstacles and expectations

We faced a lot of obstacles, but the major obstacles were our lack of vocabulary and our deficit knowledge about the debate’s topic, that made it more and more difficult to defend our arguments. Meanwhile, our public’s major expectation was to win the debate contest, that made us stressed and unfocused, except our coach, Mr. Ilham who always said that our goal was not to win the debate contest, but to learn how to speak up your mind and fight for our arguments, that’s why He prefer to motivate us to speak up our mind than to coach us to win every single round of the debate contest. He took us to win the war, but not to win every battle, that’s why I always admire Him, even to this day, Our Motivator, Our Coach, Our Mentor, Our English Teacher, but He was not a betrayer, The Honorable, Mr. Ilham.

  1. 3. Make paragraph with these phrases:
  1. a. Singing from the same hymne sheet

Partai Demokrat as the ruling party wants the oppositions party such as PDI-Perjuangan to singing from the same hymn sheet with him about the oil price increasing policy in order to maintain political stability in Indonesia.

  1. b. The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room at the KPK’s first press conference was the new KPK chairman’s promise to rid Indonesia from corruption or He will resign if He can not afford.

  1. c. Talk the talk, walk the walk

People want the government to talk the talk and walk the walk, if the government is serious to raise the price of oil, do not continuously make political discourse with political imagery as if the government concerned poor with direct cash transfer.

  1. d. Pass to the monkey

A good corporate leader must ensure all employees to pass the monkey to achieve all corporate objectives.

  1. e. All hands to the deck

When the government shouting: all hands on deck, in the event of a disaster, it is proving their inability to protect its people.

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