tugas bahasa inggris bisnis 2


  • We don’t know ….. we have to change planes or not.

    a.       If

    b.      Until

    c.       That

    d.      When

    Jawaban   : A. If

    Alasan     : Indirect question

    Here the conjunction “IF” indriduces an indirect question.

    • I’ll give you … medicine to ease you pain

      a.       A few

      b.      several

      c.       Some

      d.      Many

      Jawaban          : C. Some

      Alasan             : some – countable and uncountable nouns

      The noun medicine is an uncountable one.

      • I know a man called rupert …. house is near ypurs

        a.       Who

        b.      Whom

        c.       That

        d.      Whose

        Jawaban          : D. Whose

        Alasan             : relative clauses – possession case

        Here you are asked whether you know the relative clause   or not.

        • He won’t take on a secretary… talks too much.

          a.       Whose

          b.      Which

          c.       Whom

          d.      Who

          Jawaban          : D. Who

          Alasan             : relative clauses – subjective case

          The relative pronoun who can be used in the relative clause.

            • L like vienna, but i wish it … a bit hooter

              a.       Is

              b.      Were

              c.       Becomes

              d.      Became

              Jawaban          : B. Were

              Alasan             : Wish clause “we don’t use simple present tense in wish –  clause.

                • He spends his time …. after grils.

                  a.       Running

                  b.      To run

                  c.       Ran

                  d.      Runs

                  Jawaban          : a. Running

                  Alasan             : spendtime doing sth

                  Here you are asked about the pattern ‘spend time doing sth’.

                    • Some…don’t like such jokes.

                      a.       Child

                      b.      Man

                      c.       Woman

                      d.      People

                      Jawaban          : D. People

                      Alasan             : some – countable and uncountable nouns some can be followed by both a               countable and an uncountable noun.

                        • She’s young and full…life

                          a.       With

                          b.      Having

                          c.       Of

                          d.      A long with

                          Jawaban          : C. OF

                          Alasan             : to be “OF” is used with the preposition; to be full of the stadium is full of people.

                            • He used to drive, but he doesn’t …. more

                              a.       All

                              b.      No

                              c.       Any

                              d.      Some

                              Jawaban          : C. Any

                              Alasan             : any more

                              Both “ any more” and “no more” are similar in meaning, but the former is    used in the negative, and the latter is used in the positive and maks the sentence negative.

                                • She’s too tired to go….

                                  a.       Shooping

                                  b.      To shop

                                  c.       Shop

                                  d.      For shopping

                                  Jawaban          : A. Shopping

                                  Alasan             : got gerund

                                  We can use gerund to talk about things we go out to do.

                                    • I wonder that …. her marry that stupid old man.

                                      a.       Is

                                      b.      Was

                                      c.       Did make

                                      d.      Made

                                      Jawaban          : D. Made

                                      Alasan             : causative coice + question type asking for the subject.

                                        • He threw a vase at the burglar but… him.

                                          a.       Shot

                                          b.      Fired

                                          c.       Missed

                                          d.      Hit

                                          Jawaban          : C. Missed

                                          Alasan             : To miss

                                          To fire = to shoot off bullets / arrows

                                          `                               To miss = to fail to hit

                                          To hit = to brings something hard against.

                                            • He turned and looked…me.

                                              a.       To

                                              b.      For

                                              c.       At

                                              d.      From

                                              Jawaban          : look at

                                              Alasan             : The verb look takes the preposition ‘at’ and look for is a phrasal verb      meaning ‘try to find’.

                                                • He rarely gets drunk…..?

                                                  a.       Doesn’t he

                                                  b.      Does he

                                                  c.       Won’t be

                                                  d.      Will be

                                                  Jawaban          : B. Does he

                                                  Alasan             : we form tgas with an auxiliary (e.g. do, have, did) or a modal (e.g. can, must, should) plus apronoun (e.g. he, she, it).

                                                    • Would you mind…..for a minute

                                                      a.       Waiting

                                                      b.      To wait

                                                      c.       Wait

                                                      d.      That i wait

                                                      Jawaban          : C. Wait

                                                      Alasan             : would you mind + gerund

                                                      Would you mind…is followed by a gerund and is used for a request

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