Green Tea


            Tea is a beverage that is common to Indonesian people, tea is a traditional beverage that is suitable for the community and we have encountered in indonesia.Tea many traditional restaurants and eateries forfamous.So popularity of tea among the people of Indonesia, drinks are usually served in the morning and served with warm conditions and are also usually served on cold climates place.


            With modernization and the many types of tea are there in the world, there is one kind of tea that is so compelling the attention which has many benefits and uses for human health that is green tea.


            Green tea has several benefits as well as its utility is very useful, Some of the benefits of green tea in terms of beauty, namely:

1.      1. Soften the hair, the amount of vitamin E in green tea are believed to repair dry and damaged hair

2.      2. Cope with hair loss, there are some substances contained in green tea are believed to have utility to cope with hair loss and strengthen hair

3.      3. Moisturizeoilyskin

4.      4. Cool theburnedskin

5.      5. Relieve muscle tension and fatigue in the eye and leg

6.      6. The aroma and pleasure when consuming green tea is believed to relieve stress


In the processing and presentation that is different from the usual tea in general, green tea has the aroma and taste are very different from other teas, green tea is famous for its fresh taste and a little bitter, but that is where there are many benefits that we get.

Here are various benefits of green tea and see that we get the general terms of which are:

1.  1. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that serve to lower cholesterol and blood pressure in the body

2.  2. Consuming green tea may strengthen the immune system

3.  3. Can also treatcoldsandcoughillness

4.  4. Green tea is also known to help prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart disease

5.  5. Green tea can also help reduce the symptoms of sleep disorders


In addition to the benefits we derive from consuming green tea, there are some side effects that come from consuming green tea for some users, who have certain diseases. And is recommended for those who have certain diseases to the consumption of green tea with a doctor’s advice and also consider the effects. So it does not appear that things are not desirable. And so may be useful.

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