Morning work,afternoon lecture,night do task.

Hiiiiiiiiiii Friends,
My name is Andi,but friends ordinary greet Andi Sanjaya,my last name. They said, Andi Sanjaya it’s nice and unique. I myself initially also do not know what it’s Andi Sanjaya. Until such time as I ventured ask on father and mother about the meaning of andi sanjaya. And father answer very different mother with answer,but the point equally expect if I’ll be a handy man for all. Aminnnn..


Straight to the stories from my life..
Morning work,afternoon lecture,night do task.
Maybe it’s the word’s used to express current. I’m sure,Another friend of a friend who is also a lot like me. If he, so thankful friend.
Grateful that we have been given this wonderful opportunity. Opportunity to fell how beautiful this world. Mother always said,”seize your ambition as high as possible” .that word has always been a guideline amplifier. Now no matter how much work, not going to make me matter how much faculty assignment. I will do my best. And a Poole of dirty clothes will be washed as  clean-net,
Understand children boarding..any way….spirit continues to friends..! pursue Your dreams

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