Pinnata is a kind of toy that has unique features and creates a game. That game is really different to the other game. Pinnata game is very famous and interesting. Exactly, pinnata is a traditional toy and might be originated in China. Pinnata has spread to other countries and known by foreign countries.

The word of pinnata is from Italian language “Pignatta”. It means ‘a fragile canister’, because at that moment, pinnata was made by a clay substance. Actually, pinnata came from China plain. A person has introduced pinnata to the Italian people. That person is Marco Pollo. He introduced Pinnata to the Italian people at the 12th century, after he visited Chinese plain.

A few years ago, pinnata was a custom in China. It was something that was fascinated, decorated, and covered by colour papers. The Chinese treated it by hitting with sticks and burning it. Then, they collected the ashes for success and fortune. The customs of Chinese spread to Spain and Spanish people used a clay substance to make a pinnata. It called ‘la olla’. At the beginning of 16th century, the Spanish people who went to north America used a pinnata to attract converts of their ceremonies.

The old pinnata has kinds of styles or shapes, like cows and buffalos, but it’s only in theme of agricultural world. Nowadays, the pinnata has modern characteristic, because of that, it can be found in all shapes and sizes.

Pinnata often represents characteristic of cartoon such as batman, dora, spongebob, spiderman, micky and mini mouse, etc. Not only in characteristic of cartoon, pinnata also represents form of animals such as butterfly, horse, fish, lion, tiger, etc. The others shapes are like fruits, a car, a  helicopter, or may be a doll such as Barbie and Hallokitty.

The old pinnata was made by a clay substance, now, the modern pinnatas use a wire as the substance of pinnata. A wire is used to make a framework of the characteristic of pinnata. For example, the characteristic of a flower. A ware is formed like a framework of flower, after that, the framework is wrapped or covered  with papers which is spread by a glue. Then, the framework is decorated with colored papers. Later, a hole or a small door is made in one part of its body. Finally, a pinnata is filled with various candies, chocolates, tiny toys, etc.

Pinnata game is generally addressed for children but sometimes it’s also for adults. They usually use it for birthday party, school party, holiday party (ex. New year, Hallowen, Chirstmas, etc.), and any other celebration and anniversary. Pinnata is not only for parties but it’s sometimes just for decoration in some places. In the birthday part, pinnata is very popular. Pinnata is played by suspending it with strings and moving it up and down. When it is moved up and down, the blindfolded participants who joined the game, try to hit and break it down with the stick. If they succeed in breaking down the pinnata, the things in it will go out and they could collect them. The things which they get, those are their own. That’s the way to play pinnata.

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