Dream of My Cildhood

Nama: Nafisah

Kelas: 1PA01

NPM: 15512224


Life As an Adult

when I was a kid
I always wanted to grow fast
I want to be like my parents
become a wise adult is my dream
I tried to look older
I started acting like an adult
I’m intending to be recognized like an adult
I do what adults
I never think of right or wrong
I do what I like
I began to lose sight of my dreams

now I’ve become an adult
I woke up from my beautiful dream
reality never seemed bitter
I began to feel the effects I did when I was young
I have hurt my parents’ feelings
I lost what matters most in my life
now I’m alone
sitting in a chair staring at the old album
recalled of my childhood
I want to be back
back when I was young and innocent
life without having to bear the burden
my dreams will never come true


Who am I?

I am the magic pen
I can grant the wish
I can create a world of dreams
world where everything you want can come true
world could grant everyone dreams

I’m a magic eraser
I can remove the sadness
I can create a world of dreams
a world where everyone is smiling happy
a world where there is no sorrow

I am the magic ruler
I can uphold justice
I can create a world of dreams
world where there is no crime
a world where all people feel safe

I am a regular notebook
I can not create a miracle
I can not grant the wish
I can not erase the sadness
I can not uphold justice
yeah … I’m just an ordinary notebook
but I’m full of all possibilities
I can be whatever I want
I can do whatever I want
notebooks may be empty
but I can fill it with anything
experience will make my dreams come true

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