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Re-tell Quarrel of the colors

One day the colors of the world started to arguments. All allegation that they were the best, the most important, the most useful, and the favorite
Green said, ” Sure, I’m the most important. I’m the signal of life and of hope. I was decide for the grass, trees, and leaves. Without me all animals would die ” .
Blue interrupted, ” You only think about the earth, but you don’t consider the sky and the sea. It’s the water that is the basic of life. The sky gives space peace and serenity. Without my peace, you would all be nothing ”
Yellow chuckled, ” why are you so serious ? I bring laughter, warmth into the world. For example : the sun is yellow, the moon is yellow and the stars are yellow. The whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be fun “.
Orange said, ” I’m the color of health and strength. I may be seldom, but I’m affected for I serve the needs of human life. I can carry the most important vitamins, for example : carrots, pumpkins, oranges, mangoes etc. When I fill the sky at sunrise and sunset my beauty is so stunning “.
Red shouted out, ” I’m leader all of you. I’m blood. The life is blood. I’m the color of danger and bravery. Without me, the earth would be as empty as the moon. And also, I’m the color of passion and love “.
Purple spoke with great pomp, ” I’m the color of royality and power. Kings, chiefs, have always choose me for I’m the sign of authority and wisdom “.
Finally Indigo spoke, ” Think of me, I’m the color of silence. without me all of you become superficial. You need me for balance and contrast, for prayer and inner peace ” .
During the colors went on boasting, their arguments become loud, louder. Suddenly there was a starling flash, thunder rolled and boomed. Rain started to pour down relentlessly. In the midst of the clamor, rain said, ” You stupid colors, fighting one another yourselves. Do you know that you were each made for a special purpose and different. Please always together and come to me “.
The rain continued, ” From now on, when it rain, each of you will stretch across the sky in a great colors as a reminder that you can live in peace. The rainbow is a signal of hope for tomorrow.

Okay my dearest readers,

What a nice story, right ! I just know that it’s true. Originally, this story is interesting. In my opinion, the story actually seem as real life because in the context, everyone had characteristic and willingness who different. Of course, in the story to reflect characteristic of human as impulsive, irresponsible, patient, brave, mad, careful, independent, competitive, and confident.
Can you think of any other different from characteristic of human ?
Have you tried any of different from each characteristic of human ?
Which ones would you like to try ? :)

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