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Sense of Paragraph * writing * in English

Write a paragraph from one of :
1. Music
2. Actor or Actress
3. Sport
4. Your own experience

I make a choice number 4 ( my own experience )……

I have a beautiful and expensive shoes. First of all, the shoes color is blue, and it’s my favorite color. The shoes has high heels. It’s make my shoes more beautiful. Moreover, the shoes price is expensive, because it has pearl. I bought this shoes with my money. Although the shoes price is expensive. It’s no problem for me. At the end, I was happy. I’ve got what I want.

Well guys,,,,,,,,,,,
That’s my answer for my exam ( writing ). It is about ” paragraph ” . Actually, The lesson of paragraph in English is different with Indonesian lesson.

So, I’ll explain elements of a good paragraph :

Paragraph is a basic units organisation of writing in which group of related sentences develop one main idea.
Paragraph consist of :
1. Topic sentences, is the most important
Condition of topic sentences :
a. complete sentences
b. controlling idea
c. don’t be specific or general
2. Supporting sentences, is to explain about reason, example, fact, statistic, etc.
Supporting sentences there are :
a. Major
b. Minor
3. Concluding sentences
a. state in the end
b. summarize main points
c. leave important point to remember
4. Unity is describe one main idea.
5. Coherence is easy to understand, easy to read in structural

already guys,,,
it is the sense of the paragraph . I’ve got this lesson by my lecturer. and practically the best lecturer :)
because he is not stingy in giving score……..
oh yes,,,,,, one more guys !!!!!
I got good score ( 90 ) of writing exam . It’s better than my score of vocabulary exam :(
and I’m confident, one day I’ll be the best writer * super big amien *

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