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The very first time * I saw you *

A million billion minutes from day
waiting for you, until you come
why are you so cold
as cold as rain
I wish you could remember my name
I wish he was here

Today is Wednesday on January 17 2013, for the very first time I saw you. I was happy. O.M.G you look so charming even though not so obvious. I don’t know why I say like that. Maybe long time I never see you once again. I don’t know what I feeling about you right now. I was success fully forgot you. But why are you appear when I’m almost let you.

Maybe, The day we met
frozen I held my breath
right from the start
I knew I found all home from my heart
( a thousand years part 2 )

Did you know, I miss you so !!!!!!!! O.M.G every time you make my heart beat *dagdigdug* .
According to me, You’re very T.O.P B.G.T but Accroding to my friends, you only ordinary guy. You know, I want pinch your check like a few months ago :(
May I ask you about one thing ! Will you move from me ?
I won’t know it, because I know it just hurt me. If only I had one good answer.
O.M.G why always you ! Who are you !
I wanna be it’s everything okay.
When you me everything it’s groovy to my world :)

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