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Joint pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritisChronic back and muscular painJoint pain after menopause.

This study was cleared by the institutional ethics committeeBefore starting the treatmentwritten consent was taken from the patients and detailed clinical history was taken in the clinical research proforma based on modern and Ayurvedic parametersThe study was conducted as a randomizedsingle-blind clinical trial.

Symptoms of vata vriddhi improved due to Shallaki as it has ushna viryaand according to some classicsdue to tikshna guna it acts as vata shamakShallakialso increases dhatvagni by its tikta rasaleading to proper nutrition of dhatuswhereas improvement of the symptoms of vata kshaya is due to rasayanaimmunomodulatorand brihamniya prabhava of Shallaki12The symptoms of pitta vriddhi improved due to tiktakashayamadhura rasa and snigdha gunaand pitta shamaka activitywhile improvement in the symptoms of pitta kshaya was reported due to ushna virya and katuvipakaThe kapha vriddhi symptoms improved by its tikta rasaruksha and laghu gunaushna virya and katu vipakaconsequently it pacifies kaphaShallaki having tikshna guna and katu vipakaacts against increased kapha and improves the symptoms of kapha kshaya

Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situationsPregnancy Breastfeeding Diabetes Hypertension Specific contraindications have not been identifiedPlease consult your physician if symptoms persist.

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