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To prevent a very serious high blood pressure reactionit is very important that you follow a special diet recommended by your doctor or dietician to limit your intake of tyramine while you are taking this medicineAvoid foods and beverages that are high in tyramineincluding aged cheesesdried/aged meats and sausagessuch as salamiliverwurstpreserved fishsuch as pickled herringproducts that contain large amounts of yeastsuch as bouillon cubespowdered soup/gravyhomemade or sourdough breadfermented foodssuch as sauerkrautkim cheemost soybean productssuch as soy saucetofubroad/fava beansred winesherrytap beersand vermouthConsult your doctor or dietician for more details and a complete list of other foods that contain tyramine which you should limit or avoid.

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To make sure you can safely use linezolidtell your doctor if you have any of these other conditions:

Hepatic via oxidation of the morpholine ringresulting in 2 inactive metabolitesaminoethoxyacetic acidhydroxyethyl glycinedoes not involve CYP.

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zyvox tablet for oral administration contains 600 mg zyvox as a film-coated compressed tablet.

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