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Saraca indica creste nivelul de estrogen prin continutul de fitoestrogeni (ketosterol) si reprezinta o sursa naturala de calciu. Asparagus racemosus este recunoscut pentru proprietaile de intinerire. Este sursa naturala de estrogeni (isoflavone). Are proprietati demulcente si calmante asupra mucoaselor. Centella asiatica controleaza tulburarile emotionale si are activitate anxiolitica. Inaltura stresul.oboseala.amelioreaza iritabilitatea.stabilizeaza dispozitia si imbunatateste memoria. Glycycrhizza glabra (Lemnul dulce) are rol antiinflamator.mentine umiditatea mucoasei vaginale si previne infectiile vaginale prin continutul de acid glicirizinic. Are activitate antiaterogena si trombin-inhibitoare.scazand riscul afectiunilor cardiovasculare postmenopauza. Sida cordifolia contine fitosteroli cu activitate estrogenica.amelioreaza mictiunile frecvente. Kukkutandatvak bhasma reprezinta o sursa bogata de calciu si rol in scaderea riscului dezvoltarii osteoporozei postmenopauza. Zaharmohara bhasma contine silicat de magneziu. Reprezinta un tonic nervos si cardiac.combate palpitatiile si protejeaza impotriva afectiunilor cardiace.

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Reduction in breast milk secretion in nursing women.Menosan is the preparation that is composed of the natural herbs only. These natural herbs contain natural estrogens (or phyto-estrogens). A unique herbal combination helps women to cope with the discomfort and disagreeable sensation.associated with the period of menopause (hot flashes.sweating.palpitations.vaginal dryness.mood swings.obesity.insomnia.etc.)

When hormonal levels of estrogen (the reproductive hormone responsible for ovulation) starts to go causes the body to exhibit all kinds of disruptive symptoms buy menosan tablets as mood flashes.dryness on the vaginal area and even pain during intercourse.

Extensive research and testing on herbal ingredients by Himalaya has resulted in a unique herbomineral preparation.Menosan.that helps women cope with the discomfort of menopause. Menosan promotes physical and emotional comfort in menopausal and postmenopausal states.and helps in mood swings and sleeplessness. It contains plant-derived hormones.called phytoestrogens that are risk free and show positive effects during the menopausal stage. It improves hormonal utilization.provides an overall hormonal balance through herbs that contain phytoestrogens.and has a soothing effect to help produce an optimum sense of well-being.Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

Sage is applied directly to the skin for cold sores. gum disease (gingivitis). sore mouth.throat or tongue. and swollen.painful nasal passages.

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