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I saw yourself in front of me Am I okay ? Did I hurt myself ! Do you ever talk to yourself ? I’ll give sweet kiss when I see yourself Most people talk to yourself anytime But for myself no time It is important for all of us To have confidences in our own […]

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I, Me, and My Self

Hello the dearest reader,, So far, I never introduce my self more details to all of you. So let’s see guys !!!!!!! I’m first child in my big family . I have one brother and I have my parents still complete and I wish my parents and my brother affection the long life and also […]

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Techniques of Persuasion : Motivating The Consumer

1. Stacking Stacking is the list of reasons why the product or service is good. 2. Repetition Makes product or service familiar to consumer 3. Slogan Identifies product or service with an idea 4. Logo Identifies product or service with a symbol 5. Snob Appeal Associates product or service with a personality or lifestyle. 6. […]

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Re-tell Quarrel of the colors

One day the colors of the world started to arguments. All allegation that they were the best, the most important, the most useful, and the favorite Green said, ” Sure, I’m the most important. I’m the signal of life and of hope. I was decide for the grass, trees, and leaves. Without me all animals […]

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The very first time * I saw you *

A million billion minutes from day waiting for you, until you come why are you so cold as cold as rain I wish you could remember my name I wish he was here Today is Wednesday on January 17 2013, for the very first time I saw you. I was happy. O.M.G you look so […]

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Sense of Paragraph * writing * in English

Write a paragraph from one of : 1. Music 2. Actor or Actress 3. Sport 4. Your own experience I make a choice number 4 ( my own experience )…… I have a beautiful and expensive shoes. First of all, the shoes color is blue, and it’s my favorite color. The shoes has high heels. […]

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Take A bath ( mandi )

The bathe is a simple word to speech and to hear but it’s very harder to do it. I don’t know why, but it’s a real life from a lot of people. Maybe all of you afraid with the water at last lazy to bathe. But it’s not for me, I loves the water : […]

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Sempurna(andra and backbone) lirik versi inggris

the perfect oh baby, you’re so perfect you’re so beautiful in my eyes you makes me always adore you in each step of my life i’m always thinking about you i can not imagine my life without your love do not you leave me alone it is not be able to deal with all only […]

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Fall or Fell in Love

Dearest boy,,, One act your hands who give to us .. It makes us fly as bird.. Until now, I still chuckled and fly as butterfly also But… Do you understand with our feeling? If you don’t , or maybe you feels as an usual with your act to us… Oh my dearest boy, what […]

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